“Modern Private Equity Estate” is a branding treatment by Krause for Kartago.

About Krause Studio

The Client

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Kartago are working within the fields of Private Equity Capital in Denmark.

Kartago Capital is a capital investment foundation specializing in the acquisition, administration, and management of industrial estates. Our investors can participate in the returns generated by our buildings through our innovative co-ownership model. This way they help to finance the Kartago project while enjoying attractive returns. Thanks to this, Kartago Capital is able to offer you an attractive average return of 13% per year.

Kartago's Location
Business industry
Private Equity Capital
Launched at
Apr 20, 2022

The Symptoms

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In conclusion, business pain-points/symptoms is a useful tool when business consultants and strategic designers excel their services. In our case study, Kartago had the following business symptoms within their industry of Private Equity Capital. We used these symptoms to imprint our creative direction and design decisions to make Kartago strive in their . By addressing these specific pain points, we were able to create a successful design for Kartago.

Premium Presence

"We don’t look premium/innovative enough"


"Our website looks bad on mobile"

SEO Performance

"We don’t show up on Google"

Marketing Strategy

"Our marketing strategy has no impact"

The Diagnosis

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The Challenge

Designing a high-end brand and website for a private equity firm is no easy task. Not only do you have to be aware of the latest trends in web design, but you also have to create a site that properly reflects the culture and values of the firm.

That being said, it's not impossible to design a beautiful and successful site for a private equity firm. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a site that will appeal to both potential investors and the firm's partners.

If you're up for the challenge, there are a few things you should keep in mind when designing a private equity firm's website. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Keep the navigation simple and easy to understand.
  • Use photos and videos to tell the firm's story.
  • Think about the audience.
  • Do not use too may abstract colors—buy lively.

The results

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