“Sustainable Facility Management” is a branding treatment by Krause for Hermans.

About Krause Studio

The Client

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Hermans are working within the fields of Sustainable Facility Management in Denmark.

Hermans Danmark is a sustainable cleaning company for Danish businesses. Hermans provides their clients with a full range of sustainable facility management services, ranging from general business cleaning to expert advice on how to make your business more sustainable. Hermans is headquartered in Copenhagen and serves businesses all over the city. Their mission is to help Danish businesses reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability profiles.

Hermans's Location
Business industry
Sustainable Facility Management
Launched at
Feb 07, 2021

The Symptoms

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In conclusion, business pain-points/symptoms is a useful tool when business consultants and strategic designers excel their services. In our case study, Hermans had the following business symptoms within their industry of Sustainable Facility Management. We used these symptoms to imprint our creative direction and design decisions to make Hermans strive in their . By addressing these specific pain points, we were able to create a successful design for Hermans.

Gathering Leads

"We don’t capture enough leads"


"Our customers don’t trust us"

Clear Design

"We're not clear enough about product/service"

Online Booking

"Our customers can’t book service"

Online Presence

"Our customers can’t find us online"

Premium Presence

"We don’t look premium/innovative enough"

SEO Performance

"We don’t show up on Google"

The Diagnosis

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The Challenge

Hermans Danmark is a new sustainable B2B cleaning service that is launching in Denmark. The company has a strong focus on quality and customer service, and they want their brand to reflect these values.

designing a high-end brand and website for Hermans Danmark comes with a few challenges. First, the company is B2B, so the target audience is businesses, not individual consumers. This means that the branding needs to be professional and trustworthy. Secondly, the company is sustainable, so the website needs to communicate this message clearly. And finally, the company is launching in a competitive market, so the website needs to stand out from the crowd.

Despite these challenges, we are confident that we can create a stunning brand and website for Hermans Danmark that will help them succeed in the Danish market.

The results

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