Krause's process is designed to make it easy for us to make your business better, without all the b*s*.

About Krause Studio

The Problems

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Pain Points

"The symptoms"

Imagine getting a flu. The symptoms is slowly increasing, and you can feel that this one, is going to cause you at least a week of tea-drinking and laying in bed. Last but not least, a week where you will not be able to work

The pain of these symptoms can be easier to feel in private. We are only working with clients/friends who can feel and admit that their company is getting symptoms.


“we do not make enough money”

The process of making money should not be visualized as a flat graph. Making money is a circle of; product, revenue, profit, revision.

“We do not have enough conversions”

Your website does not seem to convince your visitors to take action and buy your product. This can be happening for a lot of reasons.


“We can not get new customers”

Maybe you have to take a deeper look into your marketing strategy, or maybe your have to optimize on other parameters.

“We can not charge more for x”

Hitting the perfect price point is a knowledge on it’s own. You do not have to nudge at test too much, if you have the right approach from the start.

“Our customers do not come back”

Your sales are doing great, but your customers do not come back to buy more from you and your business.


“Our competitors is doing better”

Looking at the market leaders within your industry, you easily observe that they are perform way better than your business is.

The Diagnosis

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"The illness"

Like a consultation at the doctor, this is where we diagnose the fact that your symptoms affect the progress of your business. This is a crucial milestone to identify, and might be the most important stepping stone for your brand.

Being able to solve this illness is not a certainty. Occasionally it will happen that we are not the specialist you are looking for. Do not worry. We will connect you with the specialists who can cure your diagnose.

The Strategy

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"The Medicine"

Krause is a strategy-first studio. We will outline the path to a future narrative of yours, which will be; clearer, stronger, and more fundamental. At this point in time your symptoms should be getting worse, and you will be in deep lack of your medicine.

The Solution

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"The treatment"

We have commonly agreed on the strategy, and the medicine that your company should be injected and cured with. We will be here for you to make sure that your cure will be implemented and maintained correctly during your treatment.

It's significant that you receive the strategy as a fragile object that you handle with care. Krause Studio implement the toolbox and the path and you have to walk the talk, and never look back.