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“We don’t show up on Google”

SEO Performance

What it means it you are facing a business obstacle regarding SEO Performance?

There are a few potential pain points that companies may experience if they are not showing up on Google. For example:

  1. Decreased visibility: If a company is not appearing in search results, it can be difficult for potential customers to find them. This can lead to decreased visibility and fewer opportunities to attract new business.
  2. Competition: If a company's competitors are showing up in search results and they are not, it can be difficult for the company to keep up. This can lead to a competitive disadvantage and may make it harder for the company to succeed in their market.
  3. Brand reputation: If a company is not appearing in search results, it may be perceived as being less credible or trustworthy. This can impact the company's reputation and make it harder to attract new customers.

It's important to overcome this symptom and get some experts to solve this puzzle because it can have significant impacts on a company's bottom line. By appearing in search results, a company can increase their visibility, attract new customers, and improve their brand reputation. This can ultimately lead to increased revenue and success for the company.

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